Slouch Be Gone Back Support

SlouchBeGone Back Support

Designed by an Occupational Therapist Assistant and Remote Injury Prevention Specialist to specifically provide you with the optimal support and stability to promote a healthy spine and reduced pain!


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How The SlouchBeGone Posture Can Relieve Your Back Pain

By realigning your spine, you may discover reduced pain, stiffness, and numbness/tingling.

Ergonomic posture corrector provides tactile stimulation to the Lumbar and Sacral segments as a reminder not to “Slouch” while sitting in an office chair or in an Automobile.

Provides optimal slouch support to the mid-spine in order to prevent forward head posture and round shoulders.

Provides adequate slouch support to the entire back, realigning the musculoskeletal system and promoting a healthy spine.

Ergonomic posture products are highly recommended to be used in semi-trucks, offices, cars, airplanes, buses, trains, and even for people who work from home.

The SlouchBeGone Back Support

Occupational Therapist designed and approved! Made in America!

Slouch Be Gone Back Support
Slouch Be Gone Back Support
Slouch Be Gone Improved Posture Back Support
Image of the Slouch Be Gone Back Support

Benefits of SlouchBeGone Ergonomic Posture Products

    Improved posture
    Reduced back pain
    Reduced hip and leg pain and numbness/tingling
    Reduced back stiffness
    Reduced headaches and neck pain
    Strengthened Skeletal System
    Potentially reduces risk for future back pain and arthritis
    Increased Energy and stamina
    Money saved in medical treatments and evaluations
    Reduced time off of work due to reduced body pain
    Improved diaphragmatic breathing so that you can breathe better
Slouch Be Gone Back Support In The Car

Why and How Was SlouchBeGone Back Support Created?

As a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant and Remote Injury Prevention Specialist, I’ve worked in the occupational therapy field practicing for 25 years and helped thousands of patients over my lifetime, in a variety of clinical settings. And there was always a common theme, back pain related to sitting hours at work. 
It wasn't just back pain that I constantly saw, it was neck pain, shoulder pain, and leg pain. All of these symptoms were prominent in people whose jobs were primarily seated, such as secretaries, truck drivers, and IT workers. 
In 2015, I finally took the plunge and launched the SlouchBeGone Back Support, which is a full back support system that covers the entire area of an office chair or an automobile seat.
Sitting in one position for hours, day after day, week after week, for years can lead to repetitive injuries and chronic pain. Essentially, certain muscles become elongated while other muscles shorten. This change in muscle length over a period of time changes our posture and puts our body in improper alignment. When our body becomes maligned, it puts new pressure or too much pressure on certain parts of our body.
Overtime, these body parts just can't take it anymore and act out in the form of pain, arthritis, or sciatica to name a few diagnoses. 
But by simply changing your posture, you not only prevent back pain but also help your body return to proper alignment - hopefully relieving that neck, shoulder, back pain, headaches, stiffness, numbness, and fatigue. This may not be the only solution to one's pain, but it can make amazing transformations that take no effort whatsoever!
Ultimately, it's about getting you back to being able to work. Back to being able to run, play, and live your life. 


I sit in a chair all day long at work. Because of sitting with bad posture I have developed chronic back pain. Your Slouchbegone back support system definitely helped to relieve and prevent the causes of pain. I have not seen such a unique back support like this before. Slouchbegone back support system focuses on supporting the spine rather than just “the back” with the spine in proper alignment, also the shoulder and the hips aligns as well. Thank you so much for this great back support systems and I use this every day at work.

Darrin C

Library Manager

The slouch be gone back support system has been the best thing I could have done for myself. Just driving to Fort Worth would bother my Sciatica so much , the next day I could barely do anything. The back support helped so much that I never felt anything after my trip. The best purchase I could have made. Thank you so much Jacob!

October 28, 2017

Mae B

Flower Mount, Tx

I spend up to 12 hrs a day sitting unfortunately at work for the railroad as the day progresses my posture suffers due to being tired and I slouch badly the longer the day gets. I usually end the day with back pain and taking meds to stop the pain. I have been using this Slouchbegone back support system for a few weeks now and I have noticed significant improvements in my back pain and my posture at the end of the day has greatly improved . I sit through the whole day with this products and I highly recommend it to anyone who sits for a long hours or even someone who is looking to improve their posture and help alleviate back pain. I have been sleeping a lot better since using this product. Thank you so much.

Railroad Conductor

Brandon B

Fort Worth, Tx

Working from home, I am sitting for 8-10 hrs per day. Slouchbegone back support system will do more for you than a $1000 chair and costs about as much as one visit to a Chiropractor. Slouchbegone back support system ensures your posture is correct while you remain comfortable. If you have questions or concerns the coustomer service support is exemplary. When you come across someone who has comprehensive knowledge, is passionate about there work with a true dedication to helping others and they create a product, you should buy it. I would recommend this product to anyone. 

Kellie C

Business Control Specialist

"I used the slouchbegone back support system while I’m driving and at my office. It really felt good, and it has help me so much with my back pain/stiffness. I feel my muscles are less fatigues from my constant long distance driving and I feel much better!”

Joel V

IT and Marketing

The Slouchbegone back support system is Amazing! It’s the first back support I’ve seen that support the entire back. I use it daily and find it to be so comfortable and incredibly supportive. It promotes proper postural alignment which is so important and beneficial to relieve back pain and maintain good posture. I recommend it to everyone!

Occupational Therapist

Annie M

Frisco, Tx

4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon!


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