SlouchBeGone Back Support

  • Length : 22inch
  • Width : 13inch
  • Height (with box): 6inch
  • Weight: 2LB | 15oz


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WHAT IS THE SLOUCHBEGONE BACK SUPPORT SYSTEM? The Slouchbegone Back Support System, a complete sitting support device that targets those spend extended hours sitting throughout the day. Our user friendly product provides optimal support and comfort to the entire back when most back support simply support the lower Lumbar area. The SlouchBeGone Back Support actually elongate the entire spinal column, alleviating vertebrae discomfort, helping you to sit comfortably longer and free from pain, all while providing optimal postural support and spinal alignment. The SlouchBeGone Back Support System has three main components that provide key support along the spine to help combat stress points at upper back, mid–back and lower back. The SlouchBeGone Back Support System is Highly recommended to be used in Office Chairs, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Airplane cockpit, Trains and even people who work from home. The SlouchBeGone Back Support helps to relieve muscle pain, fatigue and tightness caused by poor posture and inadequate ergonomic support. Helps to improves core muscle stability and range of motion to promote spine health. The SlouchBeGone Back Support System is US Patented and Proudly Made in USA.


To get the full benefit: Anticipate 3-4 days to get accustomed to using your Slouchbegone Back Support Cushion. Allow 1-2 weeks to fully experience the many benefits of using your Slouchbegone Back Support Cushion. Take care your back by using this unique State of the Art product to increase your quality of life…


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Weight 0.907185 kg
Dimensions 55.88 × 33.02 × 15.24 cm






2LB, 15oz


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